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I've Got a Golden Bagel

K107.1 is teaming up with Cool Beans & Bagels of Fond du Lac to give away bagels for a year plus many other great prizes! It's the Golden Bagel contest, and your chance to win will come from listening to Mornings with Bart and The Second Shift with Scot Frassetto weekdays from January 23rd through February 7th. Each day, we're going to qualify four listeners at various times throughout the morning and the afternoon. The first person to correctly guess that day's trivia question will win a free bagel from Cool Beans and Bagels, which they can pick up from 11am until 1pm on Friday, February 8th. Once you pick up the bagel, look inside your packaging to see if you've been offered one of three golden tickets. If you have the golden ticket, you'll win either:

  • A year of bagels from Cool Beans & Bagels in Fond du Lac
  • A Sterling Silver Pendant and Earrings set with diamonds from The Goldsmith located at 177 South Main Street in Fond du Lac
  • A two dozen rose arrangement with free delivery on Valentines Day from Botanicals Floral Studio in the East Johnson Street Shopping Center near Festival Foods in Fond du Lac. 
Again, we'll ask you four trivia questions per day and take four winners per day. Pick up your bagel on February 8th around lunchtime, and see if you win the Golden Bagel, and one of the three great prizes that go along with it!

Agnesian  - CARDIAC_Nurse

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