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Music Madness: The Facebook Faceoff 70's Showdown

March Madness becomes Music Madness with the Facebook Faceoff 70's Showdown on K107.1. It's the same No Knots Therapeutic Facebook Faceoff you're familiar with, only now with a 70's mojo. Based on your requests, we've come up with 32 classics from the 70's that will be facing off bracket style to determine which song is your favorite. All of the songs are from our extensive Saturday at the 70's collection, which you can hear every Saturday from 6am until 5pm on K107.1.

During the week of March 11th - March 15th, listen for the "CBS College Basketball Theme" on K107.1 and be the first caller into 1.800.266.1071 or 920.923.5107. If you're the first caller, you'll be given a 70's song which will act as your "team" throughout the competition.  Your song will be matched up against other 70's songs on our Facebook page - Then, we'll leave it up to our Facebook Fans to see which songs makes it all the way to #1. You are definitely encouraged to get your friends in on the voting! Just tell them to like the K107.1 Facebook page and vote for your song!

There will be a total of 32 qualifiers to be matched with the 32 songs. Prizes will be distributed throughout the tournament.


   Final Four Prizes (winners choose prize in order of finish)

* $250 Silver Sterling Pendant from Gysbers Jewelers in Waupun
* $250 Pizza Party to Three Guys and a Pizza Pie
* Assorted Wisconsin Badgers gear from Hoppers Screen Printing
* $50 Adjustment from Oakwood Spine, Sport & Wellness Clinic

Elite Eight Qualifiers

* Thirty minute relaxation message to No Knots Therapeutic Massage

Sweet Sixteen Qualifiers

* Free Bacon Cheeseburger Combo Meal to A&W

Let the Madness Begin!


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