Agnesian  - CARDIAC_Lilly

You Play... Your Music

We play your music at K107.1 but what if you had the chance to play it yourself? Even more, what if you had the chance to play anything you wanted for a full hour? You can probably tell where this is going... we have a contest where you can play whatever you want for a full hour!

That's right, you'll be in charge for a full hour at K107.1. Enter in the information below and then we'll draw one name at random each week to see who will be that week's featured DJ. We'll then find a time where you can come into the K107.1 studios to produce your hour-long show with all of your favorite music. We will play the show back on Friday evening at 6pm so you can listen to your favorite songs while getting ready for the weekend!

* You will have a full hour so we'll need the names of 12-15 songs that you would like to play during your show. K107.1 has final say on what songs will air, but as long your songs are appropriate for a mass radio audience there shouldn't be a problem (sidenote: We are VERY flexible with this). Songs with profanity or highly suggestive language should be avoided.


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Agnesian  - CARDIAC_Lilly

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