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I Love You, Mum

Summer is drawing to a close. Some of you are going back to school. Some of you are heading back to work. Some of you are just extremely upset that the days are getting shorter and the weather will soon be changing. Either way, the end of summer can often bring us down. So who better to turn to than the woman that is always there for you, your mom!

Show your mom the appreciation she deserves by signing up to win her one large mum from Honeymoon Acres in New Holstein! All we need from you are the basics and a quick summary of why you love your mom and why she deserves a mum! We'll collect the entries and read them on the Friday Mornings with Bart show along with the songs that you request for your mom. Request a song that reminds you of her or one that you know is her favorite. Then listen on Friday for your mom's request and to see if you've won your mom a mum!

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